Server Assistant

Hourly + Tips


This position involves a high degree of guest contact. It is required that you are well versed on our concept and able to communicate requests a guest may have to their server. A great server assistant can “make or break” a server. The more you anticipate the guest’s needs, and communicate/work with your server efficiently, the more money the server and you will make.


Server assistants are expected to accomplish the following during each shifts:
  • Maintain a clean, organized server assistant area, and ensure supplies are stocked before, during, and after shift.
  • Maintain a clean, organized dining room and bar area during service.
  • Pre-bus tables throughout our guests dining experience.
  • Clear and reset tables after guests have left.
  • Assist hosts by keeping track of which tables are clean, dirty, or occupied.
  • Assist servers and bartenders by running food, refilling guests drinks, and helping with other tasks throughout the shift.
  • Carry loads up to 30lbs from one end of the restaurant to the other.
BHG is always looking for great people!